I have always had two different artistic personas inside of me. One of those loves Realism and tends toward the use of intentional line and value, and the other is drawn to Expression that relies on the purity and interplay of color, shape and a freer use of line. In my current body of work, I have been able to explore all of these impulses through the use of the modern printmaking technique of "Gelli" plate monoprinting.

I had previously thought that “true” prints needed to employ printing ink. This changed when I began to experiment with using acrylic paints on these flexible, reusable "gel" plates. To create these monotypes (monoprints), I employ a variety of masking techniques (including my own handmade stencils) and various methods of paint application on the plates. I transfer the “images” onto quality papers via the "Gelli" plates, all by hand, in a multi­layer, puzzle-piecing type of process. I am able to achieve transparent layering effects and still have bold and fantastic colors, with a remarkably short drying time in between the layers.


I have fallen in love with the graphic and “screen printed” quality that can be achieved with this unique method of non-­press printing. The beauty and hardship of the monoprint, is that you have only “one shot” (even in a multi­layer process), because there is no way to “backup” or erase. And due to all of the steps and variables, the designs cannot be completely replicated. I am a painter at heart, with a love of printmaking. With the methods that I have been inventing using these types of plates, I am able to create very unique works that have the graphic appeal of many print methods, with the unique quality of being one-of-a-kind "paintings" in their own right.

I love exploring ways of combining careful planning with experimentation, juxtaposing freer, more organic shapes and marks with geometric shapes and lines. The different techniques and processes I am using allow me to indulge multiple facets of my artistic sensibilities, and hopefully, the resulting interplay between the pieces and the viewer create a unique and enjoyable visual experience.

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